Summer 2017

Sensitivity Analysis of Discrete Quality Settings on the Performance of Doom 3
Tyler Nowicki
University of Manitoba
December 21, 2004

Some of the operations that are applied during rendering are more costly than others in terms of time and resources. These operation may have complex interactions with other parameters . However, the performance analyses provided by fan reviews, in general, does not indicate how these operation interact. For example, increasing texture quality and anti-aliasing together may cause an exponential decline in performance. Knowing how these settings interact would be valuable to game developers, chipset manufacturers and gamers. A game developer can use this information to determine how many levels of quality their game should have or if an operation should be allowed in combination of another. A chipset manufacturer can use this information to decide where their optimization research should be focused. A fan community could use this type of analysis to write an accurate optimization guide for gamers.

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