Summer 2017
Original Image First Pass of Wavelet Encoding Second Pass of Wavelet Encoding Last Pass of Wavelet Encoding

Content-Based Image Retrieval
Tyler Nowicki
University of Waterloo
April 28, 2010

It has been observed that manually searching through a large photo collection is the most time consuming task of a collaging. An automated method for searching for candidate photos would significantly reduce the time required. A system called Retrievr pre-processes a data set of photos and uses a hand painted query photo to find the photos which it resembles. The sequence of photos above are passes of the wavelet encoding used to pre-process images in Retrievr.

The painted query, however, is a simplification of a specific photo. Consequently, this method is useful when the viewer knows which photo they are looking for, but does know where to find it. Alternatively, querying with an existing image gives higher quality versions.

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