Summer 2017
Example trajectory, spacing-chart style interface and speed-model.
Example spacing-chart style interface and speed-model.

Speed in Animation
Tyler Nowicki
University of Waterloo
March 10, 2016

In this presentation I discuss the challenge of controlling speed with the current interfaces used in 3D animation, a new interface that uses an experimental speed-model and additional results from my analysis of speed in animation. During my research I observed that the distance an object moves between frames (its speed) varies in a predictable way. In the animator training material the variations in speed are referred to as Ease-In and Ease-Out. Although animators indicated speed with a spacing chart on each key-frame it is probably not very accurate. Rather it indicates to the inbetweener (an animator that draws the frames that occur between key-frames) the rate of acceleration or deceleration for some part of the character. I used these spacing charts as inspiration when developing a new interface for controlling speed and when developing an experimental speed-model for controlling movement in animation.

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